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We also offer File Recovery, Hard Disk Data Recovery, Data Recovery Services for those who have suffered a loss or failure.  Usually lost files or missing data can be recovered.  However, the file recovery, partition recovery or hard disk data recovery will depend on what you do next.  Thinking of installing a file recovery software?  Think again.  Once you start installing software, you run the risk of overwriting that lost data or deleted file.  The best thing to do is turn off the computer and bring it to a professional.
Do not continue to use the computer or reboot the computer.  Each time you reboot or use an application temporary files are written to the hard drive / hard disk.  And again you diminish the chance of recovery of the lost data or missing file.  In other words, the more you do, the less of a chance we can recovery the file or data.
Missing hard disk / hard drive partitions are also recoverable.  It is important that you do not attempt to re-partition or re-install the operating system when a partition recovery is required. Physical hard drive failure is recoverable, but it the more costly processes of the bunch.  Hard drive failures in most cases must be sent to a lab for recovery.
Is file recovery, data recovery, partition recovery or hard disk data recovery, hard drive recovery for you?  It depends on how much the data is worth to your business.  Are you willing to pay for it’s recovery? If it is, for example, music files you downloaded from your MP3 player or the hard drive that had your favorite game on it . . . probably not.  Most residential or personal use computers won’t pass that qualifying question, but it is up to you to decide. For a business, most data is considered critical and it’s recovery is required.
COST: We charge a diagnostic fee that is 100% refundable if absolutiely no data is recovered.  We charge for the amount of data we recover.  The more data, the more time we have to spend scanning, recovering, copying, and moving files or data. The more data the higher the cost. Many times the hard drive you bring us may not be re-usable.  Or the amount of data you want recovered would be impractical to record to DVD or CD.  Another hard drive may be the best choice of delivery of the recovered files or recovered data.  If there are costs involved beyond the diagnostics fee, such as any discs, hardware, software, supplies or shipping costs you will be advised of the additional fees for approval.  Should you decide the costs are too much, the process will be stopped and you will be responsible for the costs and fees up to that point, including the diagnostics fee.
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  • Check connections
  • Check power
  • Try putting drive in another PC
  • If all fails, stop working on the drive and CALL US IMMEDIATELY


  • Run repair utilities as you may further the problem.1
  • Continue to use the drive or reboot in an attempt to get it to work.2
  • Attempt to experiment or recover using “tricks” you heard about.
  • Continue to work on the drive. Stop turning the computer on and off!

1Repair utilities will attempt to fix anomalies in the file system and get the drive working again, but not recover your data.

2The more you use it, the less likely a successful recovery.

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