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Las Vegas

Brydan Solutions offers SEO Services Social Media Marketing in Las Vegas

FaceBook Page Optimization

  • Review and optimize Company Details and About Us
  • Set up customized Facebook Fan page address
  • Optimization of app display settings
  • Optimization of all wall settings
  • Cover image optimization

Twitter Profile Optimization

  • Review and optimize profile
  • Customize twitter background graphic

Daily Updates on Facebook , Twitter & Google Plus

  • Updates to establish Brand awareness  and the personality of the brand
  • Unique updates designed to encourage engagement
  • Unique incentive based post to encourage engagement and  establish positive edge rank

Daily Content Sharing On Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

  • Promotion of company website, press releases  and blog posts
  • Posting of industry related content from 3rd parties to establish the Brand as an expert in its field

Comment Responding on Facebook , Twitter and Google Plus

  • Respond in a timely fashion to all comments directed at the company
  • Respond to retweets  and other mentions  on Twitter
  • Respond to personal messages on Facebook and Google Plus

Online Reputation Monitoring

  • Monitoring of over 150 online social networks for your Brand
  • Complete Reporting of Brand mentions as well as sentiment of those mentions (ex. positive or negative tone)
  • Forwarding of all customer service related comments
  • Reputation Management as needed
  • Monitoring of  Yelp reviews in real time

Reputation Management

  • Full reputation management services as needed
  • Including negative posts or reviews

Targeted Engagement on Twitter

  • Creation of a targeted interaction list on Twitter
  • Direct engagement with targeted Twitter users
  • Build sustainable Twitter relationships through Re-Tweets and replies

Targeted Network Building on Twitter

  • Following of strategically selected Twitter users
  • Social network cross promotion
  • Twitter unfollow / Follow ratios aggressively monitored and managed

Network Cross Promotion

  • Posting invitations to follow , like or circle your brands other social media properties
  • Monthly drawings and incentives to build followers

Monitor Twitter for Key Brand Buying Phrases

  • Monitor Twitter on a  Geo targeted scale for key buying phrases from Twitter users

Respond to Key Buying Phrases With Targeted Offers

  • Reply to user using personalized information with relevant offer such as a coupon for services
  • Create a dialog with the potential customer to earn trust
  • Relationship building with a targeted audience

Twitter Visibility Boost

  • Uploading of an unlimited number of general tweets
  • Links to clients products , blog or website uploaded
  • Promotional tweets

Facebook & Google Plus Page Visibility Campaigns

  • Strategic Facebook pages liked
  • Development of a key influencer lists for your product or service
  • Posting on walls of these key influencers
  • Posting of Value added posts on key influencer walls

Detailed Reporting

  • Monthly reporting available

LinkedIn Group Networking

  • Optimization of LinkedIn personal profile
  • Finding and joining of Strategically important LinkedIn Groups
  • Posting of engaging content in these LinkedIn Groups to ensure daily visibility
  • Interact with all comments  to your posts

Facebook Ad Campaign Management

  • Creation of multiple ads per campaign
  • Selection and filtering of appropriate demographics
  • Split testing of multiple ads
  • Analysis of Ad performance as well as adjustments for conversions
  • Ongoing tracking of campaign results
  • Monthly Facebook ad credit

Blog Content Creation

  • Professional written content by USA copywriters submitted to your blog
  • Coverage of an array of topics
  • Original content guaranteed by a US-based writing staff

Press Release Creation and Submission

  • Creation of 4 compelling keyword optimized press releases per month
  • Distributed through a paid PR service
  • Distributed to  any Industry related media you provide
  • Google and Bing News inclusion
  • Company page on PR site
  • Multimedia press release
  • PR statistics tracked and reported

Video Marketing

  • 1 new professional video created about your brand per month
  • customer script approved
  • uploaded and marketed on youtube
  • marketed on Google and Bing

Comment Marketing

  • Identify and connect with key blogs and forums with your brands target audience
  • Commenting on multiple blog / forum sites
  • Response to return comments on Blog and forums

Email Marketing

  • Creation and formatting of monthly email newsletters
  • Creation of the newsletter content
  • Custom email marketing requests

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Brydan Solutions offers SEO Services Social Media Marketing in Las Vegas