Microsoft Exchange Mail Servers

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The Microsoft Exchange servers not only allow e-mail messaging, but adds collaboration via calendar and contact sharing throughout the enterprise.  It is a very powerful an important component to every day operations for a business.  However, if you think this sort of server is one to be installed and forgotten about you are mistaken. Proper configuration and upkeep is a must.Be honest. Do any one of the following scenarios sound familiar?


  1. Find yourself tired of receiving triple the amount of SPAM e-mail than legitimate e-mail?
  2. Has your mail server ever been blacklisted because of misconfiguration or abuse?
  3. Find that your marketing guy can’t get your mail server to work right?

Microsoft Exchange Server configuration and maintenance is not a task for the wannabe IT technician.   The effect  may also go beyond your own business when hackers and spammers abuse your mis-configured mail server to attack others your company image is on the line. Please let Brydan Solutions install, configure and maintain your Microsoft Exchange Server the correct way.

Barracuda SPAM Filtering & Virus Protection:
Do you want to control your SPAM and Virus exposure at the mail gateway?  Brydan Solutions uses Barracuda SPAM and Virus firewall appliances to defend your mail server from SPAM, virus attachments, spyware attachments, phishing and spoofing.  Barracuda has a solid reputation for it’s SPAM filtering products and continues to be a leader in SPAM filtering appliances used around the world. As an authorized Barracuda Networks reseller, we highly recommend Barracuda SPAM filtering appliances to protect your e-mail.

Here is a diagram illustrating how mail traffic is filtered going into the mail gateway using a Barracuda SPAM and Virus appliance.
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Barracuda SPAM Filtering and Virus Protection

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