Online Cloud Data Backup: Business

Secure. Always available. Cost effective.
Cloud Services - Online Cloud Data Backup Centralized Management
SOS ServerSave includes a remote monitoring, management, and deployment tool. Manage all of the backups in your business from our Dashboard.
Cloud Services - Online Cloud Data Backup Flexible Backup and Recovery
Access and share files anywhere. Encrypt files and folders for all backups. Restore data files onto any device, including sharing and sending any of the files you’ve backed up with any e-mail address.
Cloud Services - Online Cloud Data Backup Unlimited PC Backup
SOS ServerSave does not place a limit on the number of endpoints you can protect. Backup an unlimited number of PCs in your organization.
 Cloud Services - Online Cloud Data Backup Backup Servers with Bare Metal Images
Windows Servers with bare metal images that allow you to restore servers to dissimilar hardware.  We also offer specific backup solutions for your SQL Server and Exchange Server 2010.
Cloud Services - Online Cloud Data Backup Unlimited File Archive
SOS ForeverSave™ automatically archives your files and allow you to recover it at any time. The SOS Timeline Recovery calendar allows you to select a date in the past from which to recover data.
Cloud Services - Online Cloud Data Backup Super Fast Backup
SOS uses an on-the-fly encryption method that ensures our backups are among the fastest in the world. The SOS Speed Test: 2X Faster than some other online backup providers

Carbonite Uploaded 20.2 GB in 56 hours, 10 minutes.
Mozy Uploaded 20.2 GB in 33 hours, 3 minutes.
SOS Uploaded 20.2 GB in 23 hours, 39 minutes.



Storage (GB)

Cost per Month













Additional 500GB (1 year commitment)


Additional 1TB (1 year commitment)


Bare Metal Image of Server


SQL Server Backup


Exchange Server 2010 Backup


 Online Cloud Data Backup for Business Servers

*Large backup configurations may require a dedicated local PC.


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