provides a whitelist of legitimate email servers with their domains to reduce the chance of false positives while spam filtering. We provide a list of registered domains and IP addresses that are authorized to send email for those domains. This list is the Registered Email Sender List (RESL.) The RESL data is provided as a free RBL for all to use. There is a small administrative charge to put your domain on the list and have it verified. This list is used by many people to bypass their spam filters. also hosts statistics and data on email being sent using your domain. You can find out which IP addresses are sending email claiming to come from your domain. This is truly useful information for controlling who is actively using or abusing your domain name.

Barracuda Central is a supporter and user of They believe that it is appropriate for people and companies to take TRUE responsibility for the email coming from their IP addresses on the Internet. Only when we have responsibility and accountability for email will we be able to truly eliminate spam. is a Web site where people can register their domain names and email server IP addresses to indicate domain ownership and to provide contact information for responsible parties to notify if spam is detected.

Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall administrators can configure their systems to use to apply policy to inbound email. Emails from domain names and IP addresses that are properly registered on can be automatically exempted from spam filtering defense layers on the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewalls throughout the world. As long as email administrators do not implement policy to specifically block your email, your email will not be accidentally blocked as spam if your domains and IP’s are properly registered at