Brydan Solutions offers a scalable Business Continuity solution for

Disaster Recovery that provides three key components:

  1. Data Protection & Digital Archival
  2. Client Site Restoration & Recovery
  3. Off-site Restoration & Recovery

Each site implementation includes technologies such as file de-duplication,

encryption, local storage, online data backup bare metal recovery, support for Linux, Unix,

Novell, Mac, Windows, and AS400. We also protect remote desktops and

Beyond data protection and digital archival, our recovery
strategy is built around our

local or off-site ‘emergency
silos’, virtual environments that can be quickly restored

and brought into production.

 Data Protection and Digital Archival
Your data is only
as good as it’s last backup. It is crucial to protect this data
locally and off-site (online data backup). Non-critical data can easily be moved to our
lower-cost, digital archive.

 Client Site Restoration and Recovery
A server failure at
your location can have a huge impact on your workforce. Our
local recovery options enable us to perform bare metal
recovery on-site or completely virtualize a failed server at your

Off-Site Restoration and Recovery
In the event of a complete
building failure caused by a fire, flood, hurricane, or other disaster, our emergency silos allow key employees to access critical data
and applications within a 24 or 48 hour recovery time objective.


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