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The short definition of what business continuity is: The ability to continue business both during and after a disaster.  Obviously, for most businesses, this also means the ability to access critical data and applications both during and after a disaster. Business Continuity is a major component of a company’s Disaster Recovery Plan.  Some industries are required to have a business continuity service in place to be compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, etc.Your typical backup (local or offsite) is designed to restore data to an existing server.  What if there was a disaster or failure at the facility? What if you don’t have access to the server or a replacement server?  What if you don’t have the operating system or application installation CDs or licenses? The fact of the matter is a data backup plan only covers a small portion of your needs and leaves a business without a solution should a  disaster effect your server(s) or your facility.  Think of how long and what it would take to order new servers, re-install the operating systems and applications, and re-configure and update to the current working state. All of this has to occur before you restore your data from your backup. Would your business survive the extended downtime?Brydan Solutions is an authorized XiloCore reseller/partner.  We have found that this business continuity service solves the typical data backup downfall by not only offering data backup both local and off-site, but offers server virtualization that will allow you to access your virtualized servers over the internet and access your critical applications and data within 24 to 48 hours. This means your business can continue while your servers are ordered and rebuilt.  Then the latest data (including the latest changes that occurred on the virtualized server) is sent over for restoration.

We utilize a local backup appliance to accommodate the local data storage/restoration and local virtualization (working virtual model of your server(s) complete with data).  This local appliance is basically another server that takes care of the local backup and local server virtualization as well as interfaces and synchronizes with the offsite redundant data vaults.  Your data is encrypted both in transmission (upload/download) and at the backup vault. Our business continuity service is HIPAA compliant in regards to data encryption and security.

The offsite data vaults maintain your data until called upon for restoration or server virtualization should a disaster occur.  The time from an actual disaster to the time of offsite server virtualization is the “Recovery Time Objective” (RTO).  This is can be done in 24 to 48 hours.

For older data that needs to be stored offsite but immediate access is not required, we offer digital archiving.  This allows you to save data for longer periods of time but at a lower cost.

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